Monday, October 15, 2012

The Wisdom of a (Still) 2 Year Old.

Carver's Favorite Moves:
Turning off the dishwasher mid-wash. Constantly. This is his reason for living.
Turning off the washing machine. In the middle of washes. His #2 priority in life.
Filling cups to overflowing on the fridge door leaving puddles everywhere.
Turning off the TV. Usually in the middle of Football.
Not eating. Ever.
Loving kittens by carrying them around by the neck. Precious.
Chasing goats. They need their exercise people.
Herding chickens. Making sure the roosters know who is the yard boss.
 Refusing to wear clothes. Will consider underwear on a day-to-day basis.
Living in the mud. If there isn't already mud, don't worry, he will make some.
Beating on his Uncle Tommy. People need to know where they stand in life.
Loud humming during the Sacrament in church. Every week. Not a coincidence.
Showing up from the yard with weird scratches on his body. With no explanation.
Staring at his Mom while she sleeps, willing her to wake up. This really happens.
Open mouth kisses. His best move to date.

Dear Carver:
Keep are getting
really good at most of your moves.
I am so proud of you!
You are the best little 2-year-old in the history
of civilization.
Really, you are.
I love you so much.

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