Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I don't understand people.
Why do people want the government to provide their every need?
To think their every thought?
To make them provide insurance for their family?
To tell them what size of Big Gulp they can drink?

If you don't like what I'm saying on this post....I kind of don't care today.
So don't read it.

I am SO disheartened.
Why do people think just because someone else has more money than they do, that that money should be fair game for everyone?
I mean, doesn't just about everyone have more money than someone else?
I think everyone who voted for President We Aren't Smart Enough To Think For Ourselves Or Support Our Own Families Or Know Right From Wrong yesterday,
should go find someone who has less money than them.
And then immediately.
Start giving them half of their paycheck.

That's what you voted for, isn't it?
If you don't think some research.
Study History.
Study Hard.
Then get back to me. 

You didn't vote for a person who would put practices in place that would grow businesses, which in turn would help EVERYONE.  


You voted for a guy who will systematically shut down businesses and just take "rich" people's money and give it to the "poor".

Good thinking.

Oh yeah.
Have you ever read the constitution?
Start there.

And then go somewhere and hang your head in shame.
Or, better yet, move to a SOCIALIST country. 

And here is a fun story for you:
2 came home from work yesterday and said that a girl she worked with voted for Obama because "Mitt Romney hates birth control"

That is probably news to Mitt Romney.

Dear Girl:
Please, PLEASE put on your big girl pants and
pay for your own birth control.
It is $4.00 at Walmart.
A month.
Please try to swing that.

And finally, one last story.
We do foster care.
Currently, we have 4 foster children.
In addition to a small monthly support amount we receive, the foster
children are given WIC.  We gratefully accept the food that WIC provides these
little Foster's.  It is another way the State takes care of its charges.
We were at the WIC office this week, updating information.
We told the WIC worker that A should no longer get WIC,
that he has been adopted and we don't qualify for WIC.
She told us that adopted foster children will ALWAYS qualify for WIC,
no matter our income.
We told her "No thank you.  We have adopted him and he is
our child and we don't qualify for WIC."
She looked at us like we were stupid.
She told us it is "just another way to kind of get around the system."
So then I probably looked at her like she was stupid.
And I said, exactly, "NO THANK YOU.  We have adopted this baby and he is ours and we don't qualify for WIC and we will provide for him. It is a matter of integrity and principle to us."
She was flabbergasted.
And I was flabbergasted that she was flabbergasted at such a principle.

So good job voters!!!
Great job.
That's the kind of mentality we need in this country, no? 

Dear Everyone Else:
If you are on some sort of welfare right now,
and you are a single mom or dad,
or someone who has just lost their job,
or something to that effect,
and you have paid taxes for many years,
this rant isn't for you.


For hard-working, tax-paying citizens
who need some help.
A bridge from one situation to the next.

I accepted the help for a number of years
while I was a Single Mom.
And I am not ashamed.
I had paid taxes for FIFTEEN YEARS at that point.

Anyways, please know this rant wasn't for you.

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