Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's A Boy! It's Baby B!

 Here he is!




Told you it was awesome. 

I can NOT stress enough how this baby has changed my life.
My trust in Heavenly Father.
My knowledge that there is a plan.

And also, look at him!!!!
What a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous boy.

Above is the day we got him.... he was 6.5 weeks old.
When Hughes picked him up for the first time, he giggled!
At 6.5 weeks old! Looked straight at Hughes and giggled....
And he is still giggling today. 
 Above is proof of the sad truth that babies don't sleep well away from home.
Unless they are swaddled within an inch of their lives....
Above is also proof that some babies are just bald.
They just are.
Even if said baby is a black baby.
For some reason I thought black babies couldn't be bald.
For some reason I was mistaken. 
 Above is his six month picture.
Does the outfit look familiar?
It totally should, it's the same one A wore.
Same outfit, same backdrop, same age.

OCD is a blessing and a curse.

At times like this, it's a blessing..... 
The fact that I am the mother of a beautiful little black baby boy
who won't grow hair is also a blessing and a curse.

But look at his face! 
 And here is my little Louie now....
in all of his 14 month old glory.

We gave up on his hair and shaved off the 7.5 curls he had.
Maybe someday he will grow some hair....maybe.
In the meantime, Hughes likes the buzzed look.

I like any look on my little Baby B!!

 Like I have said before, this hasn't been the gut-wrenching,
nervous, sick-to-my-stomach journey that A's situation was.

We knew very early on that Baby B would be ours.
But still, my emotions today are just as over-flowing...
I look into his little face and I can NOT believe that this
beautiful little being is my son.

But he is.....HA! 
Dear Baby B:
In all of my life, I never knew such preciousness existed.
That I would feel such an intense love for a Baby just dropped into my lap in the 
middle of the night......but I do.  I do!

I am SO, SO grateful to Stephanie.
She carried you, she loves you, and she did the right thing
and decided to let you be part of our family..... 
she knows she needs to finish high school
and try to get back on the right track.

And don't worry, Dad and I will be
her biggest cheerleaders!

But you!
You are my little serious, sometimes snooty, always attitudey,
always popular, long-legged miracle. 

And I want you to listen  very carefully right now.
You are my real son.
I am your real mother.
Heavenly Father deemed it, and it is true.
And don't you ever forget it.
I don't care if our skin is different.....people worry about
that so much more than they need too.

We are all just people, Baby.
Just sons and daughters of God.

I don't need special classes or understanding or training to
raise you....and I don't care if that offends people.

All I need is to love you, and to be your Mommy.
And to teach you everything good.
And to have integrity.
And that's all.

I love you SO MUCH.
I wish you knew.

Love Forever,

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  1. I am so thankful for this beautiful little boy. He will be loved forever and ever! Thank you for being the woman you are. Not just everyone could bring these little spirits into their home and love them.


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