Friday, December 21, 2012

Please, Please, Please Never Change.

So I was cleaning out 4's backpack today....
And I found this corrected assignment. 
This is a real assignment.
That she for reals turned in.

24 Things To Know About Me: 

1. I was absent on Monday.
2. I don't own a servant.
3. I hope to get a present soon.
4. I broke my elbow in an instant.
5. I wish I had an assistant.
6. At the current moment I am writing.
7. This moment is weird.
8. I am a resident of Appleby Road
9. I am not ignorant.
10. I like to be pleasant.
11. My house isn't very distant from the school.
12. I am innocent of any crime.
13. I am very intelligent.
14. My favorite restaurant is Panda Express.
15. I am not very patient.
16. When I am older I want to part of the government.
17. I always make a statement.
18. I am not a migrant.
19. I am a participant of the EVMCO.
20. We have smoke sensors in my house.
21. I would like to go to a blue lagoon.
22. I don't know what meander means.
23. An Australian reef is the place for me.
24. I have a cat named Bo. 

I couldn't even make this stuff up. 

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