Thursday, December 13, 2012

We Wish You A Merry Christmas #5

4 had her first Christmas Orchestra Concert as a
Weinberg Wrangler!!

Not going to lie.

I wasn't expecting much.
She had a year jump on the other kids.
(Franklin starts Orchestra in 4th grade, Weinberg in 5th)

Plus, Franklin's Orchestra program is easily the
best in the state.

Like I said, wasn't expecting much.

But I am happy to report....I was very PLEASED.

Is the Orchestra teacher slightly a hippy? Yep.
Is Weinberg slightly a hippy school? Especially compared to Franklin? Heck Yes.

But 4 has had a great experience so far.
Read: A complete vacation, doesn't even have to think.
And yes, we will remedy that next year, as she has
tested into the gifted program for 6th grade.

And the Orchestra concert?
Pretty darn good.

Way to go Weinberg!

Dear 4:
Enjoy the remaining months of your
in-school vacation.
It's off to the gifted program for
grades 6 through 8 for you.
You're welcome.
And your awesome.
Love forever,

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