Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Time We Decided To Become Vegetarians.

So we have decided to become part-time vegetarians.

No we have not decided to become Hippies.

But we do have our reasons:
A. Recently, our grocery budget has become higher by at least a third.  I buy mostly the exact same amounts of everything, every week, and I am spending a third more.
Thank you Obama, and thank you all of the idiots who voted for him.
If this offends you, I'm sorry.  Not really.
 It is not rocket science that everything is going to cost more, mainly because of gas prices.
 And meat is expensive.  So we are helping our budget.

B. There is no reason to eat meat every day.  We don't need it for health. 
 In fact, the Word of Wisdom teaches otherwise.

C. (this is kind of my secret reason, don't tell Hughes)
Animal flesh sometimes grosses me out.

No, I have not decided to become a Hippy.

It's just that I go through phases in my life where it grosses me out.
The part-time vegetarian program was actually Hughes' idea.
But, as it happens, I am currently in a "flesh grosses me out" phase that I had kind of been hiding.
Once, when I was in high school, I didn't each chicken for like a year.
It just grossed me out, no other reason.

D. Why do we need another reason when we can have dinners like this?
Twice-baked potatoes with fresh chives and a yummy green salad with home-made ranch.
Not that we ever have any other kind of ranch.
But still.
This meal was so good I have never seen my children gobble/inhale anything faster.
From 2 all the way down to Baby B.


So....part-time Vegetarianism.
Jump on board.
It's a thing.

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