Monday, August 12, 2013


 This weekend Hughes and I shared Date Night
with Mr. and Mrs. Mosley.

Mrs. Mosley has been my BFF for THIRTY years.
Why do I have to be so old?

We love each other so much.
Even though we are so opposite and have always been.

She was a skater chick.
I was a cheerleader.

I died a thousand deaths if I got a B.
She had no idea what her grade point average even was.

I am type AAA.A
She is so laid back sometimes I have to remind her to breathe.

I am a little hard to take at times.
She is the most easily taken person ever born.

But we do.  We love each other.
We have been together through everything.

And nothing is better than closing down a restaurant with her
and then laughing hysterically outside taking selfies
while our husbands walk away as fast as they can
and pretend they don't know us.
My Dear Mrs. Mosley:

You have always been,
and forever will be,
my BFF.

Until the end of time.


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