Friday, August 23, 2013

Time Of Our Lives.

So I decided for Miss, instead of paying 200 dollars a month for preschool,
that I would participate in a coop preschool.

You know, me and a few other Mom's, taking turns at each other's houses.
We follow the same schedule.
We have a set curriculum.
It's all very legit.

And it's all very free.

We ended up with only 3 girls, which turned out to be good for me.

Like I need 10 more preschoolers in my house during the day.

Anyways, our first turn was last week.
I knew Hughes would be home to watch the boys while I taught.
I expected to teach preschool and have a great time.

I should have known better.

Something about Hughes?
He is like a kid whisperer.
Anytime we teach Primary together, I always prepare the lesson.
Then I start teaching.
Then I get about 3 minutes in.
Then he interrupts and takes over and finishes it.

I don't know why I thought preschool would be any different.

It went like this:
We started by singing songs and saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
Hughes interrupted and took over.
And he did the entire 3.5 hour lesson 
complete with letter "C" worksheets, snack time, and play time.

And afterwards, he casually told me,
 "Hey, if you want, I could just do the preschool all the time so you don't have too...."  

Like it was going to go any other way.

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