Thursday, January 30, 2014

Magical Turns Five.

She turned five today.


Sometimes, I look at her and can't believe my luck.
Our luck.

She is a beautiful, magical little girl.
The kind that fairy tales are written about.
For real.

She is smart and sensitive and obedient and
happy and a tomboy and a princess
and she taught herself to ride a two-wheeler.
She sings at the top of her lungs in the car and
loves Pretty Ponies and has impeccable taste in clothes.

And she was so excited for our birthday lunch date
and shopping spree (she bought a bike).

And she is so excited for her Princess Party on Saturday
I don't think she has breathed since Tuesday.

Dear 5:
Thank you so much for bringing
your Magic into all of our lives.
You are a shooting star!
Hope your Birthday was the best ever.

Love Forever,

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