Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hughes' Obsession with Our Sleeping Children Part B


Recent Little Kid Memories:
A has started saying "Wait" before EVERY sentence.
Because he thinks he is 17.
Also, he is madly in love with Jillian, his preschool carpool buddy,
and makes sure we all know it.
B just gets more and more awesome.  If you try to have staring contests with
him he lasts for 1.5 seconds and then starts laughing hysterically. He has the
most awesome laugh on the planet.  It should be bottled and sold.
He LOVES singing "Follow the Prophet" in the car.  The instant it is
over he yells "Play it Again, Mom!"
C is super irritated that he is the only kid other than Baby who doesn't go to school.
He asks every day, and I tell him he is going next year.
I find him in elaborate lies to others about how he goes to school and what
he had for lunch that day and what he learned.  It's pretty impressive.
I feel like I need to sit him down and apologize for the fact that he doesn't need a little extra help and didn't qualify for Priority Preschool.  I would do it but his head is already big enough.  Trust me.
5 Continues to rock her world.  Her first grade teacher can't believe she is even for real.
Hughes told her at parent teacher conference that we cheer when she is bad, because we know that means she is kind of normal.  The teacher totally got it.  She said 5 is her right hand man in class and does half of her teaching to the other kids. 
 Also, she is ready for her first meet and practices day and night. 
The kid is a star, seriously.
Baby continues to be the cutest human on the planet.  She sprints every where she goes in the house.  So fast that it looks like she is flying.  It's weird.  She takes turn screaming "Mom"  or "DAISY" whenever she needs anything.  Even though she is directing those two names to whomever is in her vicinity.  She expects service.  And she doesn't accept mediocrity.

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