Friday, October 30, 2009

This really happens.

This is the husband.

This is the husband not caring that I am obsessed with his profile, even if we are only 8 rows behind home plate at a Diamondbacks game. (He is a true sports fan. Notice his serious attention. I mean, you did hear me say it was the Diamondbacks, right?)

This is the husband doing the dinner dishes. Which he does every night. I'm not saying that he runs around doing nothing but housework or anything, he picks his battles. But the dinner dishes!
Every night!

The husband, as mentioned before, loves his sports. But the king of all sports is, of course, the Football. Pro football, high school football, fantasy football, Madden 10 football, and the Holy Grail, College Football. This is very serious business. Notice how he doesn't lose concentration at all.
Not even while holding a squirmy 7 year old, aka #4.

Ok. This really happened. In years past, I had 4 heads of hair to do every morning, plus my own of course. Then 3 heads, and now I'm down to 2 heads of hair. Every day. This day, I finished 4's hair and went looking for 3. And this is what I found. He spritzes, he blow dries, he straightens. No one asks. He just does. And this is the kicker..... 3 and 4 like his work. (Although 3 does reserve pony tails for days when I do hair, because, and I quote "I don't feel comfortable asking him to do ponytails Mom. I just feel it's too much pressure for him" unquote.)

And that's the husband. We really, really, really like him. And I think he is almost ready for ponytails.


  1. The husband is good, kind, gentle, understanding, supportive, funny, a great Primary teacher - and an awesome husband. I couldn't be happier for my girls.

    What a MAN! And I mean that seriously.

  2. something I never thought I would see him do. simply AMAZING!


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