Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Event #6.

#3 and her very first proper dance recital as an actual Company Member of a Dance Studio. Whew.

Here are the house rules: One activity at a time, per daughter. (music doesn't count, daughters can be in band AND participate in an activity, because music is education!) In order to participate in said activity, said daughter must take piano.

Because piano is important to said Mommy.

And now a letter to my 3.....

Dear #3:

You have always been willing to try new things.
So far you have enjoyed:

gymnastics, t-ball, soccer, cheerleading, musical theatre, ballet, basketball, volleyball, softball, piano and clarinet
Last year, after a successful year of ballet at HG Dance Studio, you informed me you would like to try out for Company.
And so you did.

You made it! I mean, you ARE #3,and now you go to dance 4 times a week and love it. I am so,so proud of you! You put your whole heart and effort into everything you do, and this is no different.

The Christmas dance recital was beautiful and uplifting and spiritual and you were truly Breathtaking.

Thanks for being my #3.


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