Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Event #7.

FINALLY. He came. Brought to Sunny Arizona from the freezing North by his parents. Finally.

As I type this I almost can't even type, the emotion is so overwhelming. Why did I ever want my little #1 to wait for Motherhood? I do remember telling her at her wedding, "Take a few years, just enjoy being married, no need to rush
into having a baby."

Clearly, she didn't take my advice.
She was pregnant 7 months after the wedding.

Clearly, she is the Brilliant one.

Here are my Breathtaking Girls. All together again at last...
Here are the first two cousins reuniting, they miss each other so....... and with cousin #2 (my favorite boy Jaymen) finishing up high school and headed for a church Mission, they need to hug each other tight for now.
And here is Carver and Joban.
And Carver and Aunt 4.
And Carver and Aunt 3.
And Carver and Aunt 2.
And Carver and, um, well we are still working
on what to call this relationship.
But it will be good.
And Carver and me. And I will definitely be Grandma MaLeisa.
And I love it.
And more Carver....

Oh my perfect little boy,
We miss you already.
See you in two weeks. In the freezing North.
Grandma MaLeisa
****important note: We are in a new (to us) home, and we are remodeling big time, hence the half painted walls, the 1980's cabinets, and the new concrete floor.
Just so you know.
Actually, just so you don't judge us, because it's going to be a long project. But it's going to be Beautiful at the end.

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  1. good to see that Jaymen is loved more than me!


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