Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Event #8.

Our new Christmas Eve tradition, starting now. Temple Lights and the Luke 2 movie. Just to put things into perspective before the Santa Mania begins.
A wonderful idea, isn't it?
The movie was Beautiful.
The lights were even more extraordinary than last year.
The spirit was strong.
And the nativities were simply perfect.
Scroll down for proof that even though Mesa is a HUGE suburb of a city, it really is just a small town if you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

My kids are normal, right? Oh, just nod your head yes and move on.
I know they have issues.

Random Small Town in a Big City bump into #1. Remember that The Husband is Ward Missionary? Here is one of our favorites, Elder Porter. He transferred out last transfer, and we were afraid we would never see him again. We were very happy to bump into The Porter. Very.
Random Small Town in a Big City bump into #2. You HAVE to remember this boy. E? Remember E? Well, if you don't know the significance of E, you better scroll back to the post about him. Because trust me, he is very significant. The Temple grounds are large, and there he was, smack in front of us. Wow.
This is #4 actually jumping up and down after E and his parents went on their way. She was giddy and giggling and jumping up and down. As if the 57 hours a week they already spend together isn't enough. Honestly, this girl and her E.
The gratitude I feel from living so close to this Wonderful Temple can't be expressed in words. How lucky, how blessed, how grateful me, The Husband, and the girls are that we live here, in this
home-town little city, with this Temple.
This Temple is everything to us. More on that later.
Merry Christmas Eve everybody!

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