Thursday, January 28, 2010

4 and The Twins.

I feel the need to post this picture.... and I know there will be more to come of 4 and the Twins. And I know that these three will be friends for a long time.

But let's be honest. They aren't going to the same High School, so they will eventually drift apart. And that is very tragic indeed.

And trust me, I have had a WORD with the Twins' mother about this. She knows how I feel.

But how do we expect her to know? She is from St. Johns. And I think that is in Arizona but to be honest, who really knows for sure?

Anyway. She should have moved into our neighborhood and she knows it but she still didn't. So now these three are going to be ripped apart, screaming, in the 7th grade.

I really do believe there will be screaming.

I hope you are happy. You know who you are.
But until then, they are the Three Musketeers. Except two of them are twins and then there is 4. And hopefully there will be many, many years of friendship ahead of them.

Even if they can't be together every day.
Like they are now. Look how happy they are!

If only it could go on forever.

One day I will forgive their mother. But I'm not ready to just yet. I need more groveling from her.

p.s., Dear N, please call me. We need to do lunch.

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  1. Hahahaha! You have to forgive me...


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