Sunday, January 31, 2010

How I Did It.

There are probably a few of you out there wondering how I did it.
How did I score The Husband.
Clearly, he is Hot.
I mean, look at him for Pete's sake!
He is totally Hot.
And maybe he is just a little younger than me. Maybe.
(1 and 2, please accept my apologies for this post. I know it makes you feel icky, and I'm sorry. But sometimes you just have to post about your Husband. 1 knows what I mean, even as she feels icky. And 2, you will know someday too, I promise).
The truth is, I don't know how I did it.
The truth is, CRAZY as it seems, he is the one who came up with the
Spectacular vision of us dating.
I mean, it wasn't all that hard to convince me or anything,
but it was all him.
This guy moved into a house with a somewhat jaded me,
who had already been married
(for a really long time, ie four daughters)
AND a teenage girl,
AND a preteen girl,
AND a little teeny girl.
Oh yeah, AND there was an adult girl and her husband. No big deal, right?

Still not sure what he was thinking.
But I'm really glad he thought it.
He is calm. He is steady.
He goes about life with us like it's the
most normal thing on the Planet.
And let's get real.
Life with 4 women in the house
(and the married one in the North on the phone)
is not normal at all.
For anyone.

I need to work on so many things in order to be a better wife to him.

Things like letting him be a first-time married person. I mean, just because I'm not doesn't mean he shouldn't get to be. I need to remember that and let him have his Rookie moments.

I need to work on that and I will.

And him?
He doesn't need to work on anything.

And I mean that with all of my Heart. Not a darned thing.
He treats us exactly how he should.

And he never slips, not even a little. We are treated perfectly.
Just like every girl should be treated.

This boy's Mother raised him right.

He is a Gentleman and a picture perfect Step Father.

They should do a case study on his MAD Step Father skills.

Nope.... There is nothing he could do better.

Except maybe pony tails.
And I have faith that one day, he will master even those.


  1. Todd really is legit. I'm so glad you made him part of the family!

  2. Seriously. He is too legit to quit! I really crack myself up sometimes. What can I say....


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