Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Precious.

Another Arizona Saturday
another bribe
another attempt at some #4 pictures.
This time, it worked.

Oh my little 4,
Sometimes, the thing we have no intention of happening, turns out to be the thing that saves us. That is you, my little precious. You came as a huge surprise. HUGE. And that's all I'm going to say about that. But what would I have done without you? Being newly divorced with a teenager, a pre-teen, a toddler, and an infant is not anyone's dream come true. But you. You! You calmed my soul through all those divorced years. I think you weren't a surprise to my Father in Heaven. I think you were in the plan for me all along. He knew. And although divorce is not what one would think our Father in Heaven wants for us, I think sometimes he knows it's going to happen all along. So he prepares a way to help us through it. And having a beautiful baby girl to occupy my time and to love was just the help I needed. You are a beautiful blessing straight from Heaven. Don't you ever forget that you were ALWAYS in the plan. I will love you forever, no matter what.

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