Sunday, February 21, 2010


My favorite double-take of the week. I rush out of my bedroom/bathroom this beautiful sabbath morning..... early for a change. As I'm walking, calling the girls, putting on earrings, making sure the little ones match, have shoes on, have hair accessories.....Oh, all you mom's know the drill..... All of a sudden I do a double-take of this fabulous threesome.
Anyone see a theme going on here?
They all have separate rooms,
they all got dressed independently,
they all came out looking like animals.

And yes, I let 4 wear her Disneyland Minnie Mouse dress to church. She bought that dress with her own money, she wore it for three straight days in the Magic Kingdom, and she gets to wear it to church. That, my friends, is 4th child syndrome.

If you think I would have let 1 or 2 wear it back in the day when I was obsessed with my girls looking perfect, think again.

Anyway. What are the odds of this
collaboration happening unplanned? Classic.

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