Saturday, February 20, 2010

One of those weeks.

I totally had one of those weeks. When you can't even catch your breath because life is going by so fast. It doesn't help that sadly, I have to work outside of the home full time.

(I take myself on down to a huge building made of concrete and glass in Chandler during the week and masquerade as a corporate credit manager. It stinks.)

But, you know, that's what divorce does.
Makes moms have to work full-time out side of the home.
It's a bummer.

ANYWAY, back to my week. It was the kind of week when the laundry I washed on wednesday didn't get folded until Friday. And it wasn't just a load or two, it was like 10 loads or two.

It was the kind of week where I would come home from work and have meetings to attend and projects to help with and work deadlines to meet.

It was the kind of week where I slept in on Saturday because I dreaded getting up and cleaning the house because I just wanted the world to stop and the clock to stop and I just wanted to lay still for as long as I could.

I finally pulled myself up out of bed, wandered out into the house
ready to get the troops organized and moving.
And I found this.

Oh, and I also found this.

This is 4 doing absolutely nothing, while her sisters do everything.
She thinks she is really good at this, but she will find a special list
just for her to do later, while her sisters relax.

Mommy's played this game before.
Mommy's not a rookie.

I also found 2 scrubbing a kitchen and cleaning a bathroom. I didn't get any documentation of this because 2 had to hurry off to judge a recreational gymnastics meet. But trust me, it happened.

So even though I didn't ask for it, I got my wish. I mean, there is still grocery shopping, and Primary duties and a trip to Home Depot on my to do list. But I do get to sit still today. Just for a little while.

Oh how I love my girls. How I love them! Thanks 2 and 3.
You will never know what this meant to me.
You are the best little girls in the world.
PS. please note our house in Harmony Park is still under major construction.
Not even decorated yet...... stay tuned.

PSS. Dear #1, I miss you so much on Saturdays. You were the best oldest daughter anyone could ever ask for. You always got things going and organized and cleaned and happy and wonderful even better than I could. I love you so much. I miss you so much. Love, Mom

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