Thursday, March 18, 2010

And We Shall Call Him Dodd.

The girls got Dodd a year and a half ago. One or two of them agonized over what to call him. One or two of them didn't. But the one or two who did agonize collectively decided that Todd, The Husband's name is Todd, just wasn't personal enough.

So one of them came up with Dodd. Get it? It's genius. And the one or two who weren't agonizing promptly agreed. So Dodd he is.

Dodd is a Family Home Evening Master. And who doesn't love a Family Home Evening Master? I mean, does anyone really resent someone bound and determined to foster family togetherness?
(The answer to that is no.) (I'm pretty sure it's no.)

Dodd has had some pretty impressive Family Home Evening moments this month. So impressive that they must be shared:
Moment #1: This week we had FHE with the Fabulous (and I truly mean Fabulous) Family three doors down. We also had a couple Handsome Boys from two doors down. Dodd was in his element. He loves the neighborhood kids and criminy do they love him. It's really quite irritating to those of us whom the neighborhood kids merely tolerate. Here he is, in all his glory, battling it out over the M & M and the Straw game. And no, he didn't let little Mr. Bloomfield win.
He won. He believes in keeping it real.
Moment #2: A couple of weeks ago, at our own humble Family Home Evening which is held every Monday night around the table, 2 was assigned the lesson. 2 decided to share what was being emphasized in Seminary that week; Family Harmony. (As a reminder: four females in our house, plus one very sensitive female dog, is not always conducive to Family Harmony.)

Anyway, after giving us a pep talk about having a harmonious home, she decided to get a little more personal. By telling us individually what we need to work on. In public. Yes, she really did. It went like this: "Mom, you are too stressed out, try to speak more calmly, I know you can do it." "3, stop bossing around 4 so much, you don't have to make her be perfect all of the time, just be her sister." "Dodd, There is nothing wrong with you, you are perfect all the time." "4, stop being such a baby, you don't have to cry over EVERYTHING."

Did you catch that? This is a SIXTEEN year old GIRL talking to her STEPFATHER. And she was being serious. Just ask her the next time you see her.

Keep on keepin' on Dodd.
How these little girls deserve you in our home!
And Holy Toledo how I love you.....

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  1. It was so fun to have you over. I need the recipe for your fabulous fried ice cream. It was delicious!


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