Saturday, March 6, 2010

One Long Day in a Dress.

A couple of months ago, our Fantastic Piano Teacher.... Shout out to Sis Udall...... asked 3 and 4 if they wanted to sign up for Calvalcade.

Calvalcade is a humongous piano recital that takes place once a year with piano students from all over the State. These students are playing duets. (3 + 4 = a duet). The interesting thing is.... there are 20 pianos on stage at once, with 40 piano students, ALL PLAYING THE SAME SONG AT THE SAME TIME.

I have to admit, It was pretty cool.

Anyway, back when the Fantastic Sis Udall asked 3 and 4 if they wanted to participate, the answers were as follows:

3: YES!
4: No, I don't want to, I don't like the song, It doesn't sound fun,
I have to practice more,
3 plays too fast, you can't make me.

I made her.

Calvalcade was today, and the Special Guest was the famous composer Jon Schmidt.

He was awesome.
3 and 4 waiting for their call time.
The amazing Jon Schmidt. And seriously people, he was amazing.
4 discovers that she is, in fact, in the program. Like a rock star.
Outside after the performance...... and yes, like 1 and 2 before them, I make 3 and 4 wear matching outfits everytime I can get away with it. And like 1 before her, 3 is starting to rebel. Notice the gray sweater and sparkly flats. Oh 3, just give me one more year. One more year!!
One of 4's best (and most often seen) poses.
After our celebratory dinner at the Yummy Florentino's.
And don't judge my case of Coke Zero people.
Just take your uppity thoughts and move along.

This was supposed to be at the top. But I am 40, and that means I am allowed to be technologically special. And by special I mean very stupid. Anyway, please enjoy my pre show interview with the piano stars. Apparently, I am a special interviewer also. If special means not finishing the interview.

Oh my little 3 and 4: When I see you playing the piano, like your sisters before you, I can hardly stand it, it makes me so very happy. The lump in my throat just grows and grows until I feel like it's going to take me over. I am so proud of you and I love you so much my heart feels like it's going to throb out of my chest. Thanks for being such good little girls. Thanks for everything. Love Mommy.


  1. WOW! I love learning about your family. Your girls are darling and you sound so happy. Are you coming to the reunion in June? I can't wait to see everyone. You are awesome and I love your journaling!!!

  2. I bet that was an awesome experience. I heard from my sister in law that it was really neat.
    Good for your girls!!


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