Monday, March 8, 2010

What Grounded Looks Like.

So.... I have this daughter. Let's call her 2.

She runs pretty much on auto pilot.
She is always where she needs to be when she needs to be there. She is dependable and lovable. She comes through for pretty much everyone who needs her. She is pretty and little and skinny and has the fashion sense of a 5th Avenue Heiress.
She honest to goodness thinks like an adult,
which means she
responds well to reason and is a joy to raise.

Sound Perfect?

Well........none of us are perfect, not even Miss 2. Even SHE has imperfections, even if I can only think of two at the moment.

One, her room.

Goodness Gracious her room. Heaven only knows how she comes out of that chaos looking like a 5th Avenue Heiress, but she manages it.

And two, she tends to smack talk a little. Not very often, but sometimes. She is a sometimes smack talker.

The room I let go..... and boy does it go. But enough of that. The smack talking I can't let go. And not only because it makes my blood boil, but because if I did, I wouldn't be doing her any favors. It's a cold hard fact. We all have to learn to control our urge for smack talking, or we would all be unemployed and homeless. Am I right?

Anyway, last Friday she smacked off at exactly the wrong time, and got herself grounded for the night. The Husband and I were on one of our fabulous outings. While we were out I envisioned 2 at home, all mopey and sad and vowing to be a sweeter teenager.

Instead, this is what she was up to:

Making herself gorgeous and snapping some new Facebook pictures.

Because trust me. If 2 is anything, she is practical.

And why waste a good grounded?

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