Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Day My Precious Turned 8 Part Two.

Did her Birthday Wishes come true?
Did the Cowgirl boots and furry kitten appear?

They did.

Holy Cow was that kid happy.

After a delicious Birthday Breakfast in Bed, (Which is really her only demand every year, I don't even know how or why she started demanding this luxury, her sisters don't. It's very Zsa Zsa of her. It's simply who she is.) She excitedly tore into her presents. She squealed over the boots and promptly changed her outfit to accommodate them.

She couldn't get enough of her furry kitten and christened her Minnie. Then off to school she went. That little Cowgirl.

After school, the festivities continued. Off to the mall we went. Because at the mall you can frequent Build-A-Bear Workshop AND The Disney Store.
The Mall doesn't mess around.
She spent every last penny of her birthday Cash. She would sincerely like to thank everybody who contributed. She is very grateful. Very.
Then home to her Birthday Cake. Now, everyone who knows 4 knows she is a Major Princess. So you would think that she would demand something Pink and Frothy and Glittery to the hilt.
She doesn't. She likes her some Texas Sheet Cake. It's her favorite. Go figure.
And this isn't even the end of her Birthday Celebration this year. She will be baptized in a week and a half, which means another huge celebration.
She will also host a Totally Tubular 80's party the week after that for every single friend she knows. Overkill on my part? Fer sure. Call it Working Mother's guilt.
Oh my little Precious.....I hope your Birthday was everything you hoped it would be!
Happy Birthday to you.

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