Monday, April 12, 2010

4.13.2010. The day my Precious turned EIGHT.

What do you say to a little Precious Girl who's only birthday wishes are Cowgirl boots and a furry kitten (the live variety) in that order? No ipod or cell phone or laptop or dvd's for her. No sir.

What do you say to a girl like that?

This is what I would say:

"Other men said they have seen Angels,

But I have seen thee

And thou art enough."-G Moore

Dear 4:

There has never been and never will be such a girl as you. Every expectation I could ever have of my youngest, beloved daughter is met time and time again by your sweet little heart. You soothe my soul, you are truly a balm on it's most troubled days. To think I didn't plan you and get you here on purpose. To think! The thought that you almost didn't come freezes my breath and literally sucks it out of my body. You are my precious, my sweetheart, and you will always be my littlest girl.

Happy Birthday Princess!
I hope all your birthday dreams come true today.
Mommy will love you forever.



  1. ps. did she get the kitten? if so, I really wanna see it! i just love kittens!

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