Monday, April 19, 2010

The Husband's Girlfriend. AKA my Sister Wife.

This is Olive.

Since the day we got Olive it was very apparent that although we had brought her home as a surprise for the girls, it was The Husband who held her heart, that day and forever.

Olive spends her days dreaming about The Husband. Olive knows The Husband's schedule. Really, she does. She knows Monday is his day off. She knows he will be home all day Sunday. If anyone thinks that dogs don't keep track of time, they haven't met Olive.

Olive plans her moods and her mood swings (of which there are many) around The Husband and his moods and mood swings (of which there are none).
The Husband tries to deny his affection for Olive. Saying things like "She's the family dog", and "I don't even like dogs." These statements are both patently false.

Olive and The Husband are completely involved.
(Please excuse The Husbands work clothes and our Brother-In-Law's manly man mobile. It was Haul- A- Bunch- Of- Stuff- To- The- Dump- Day)

I used to wonder how I would feel if another Female laid claim to my husband. I mean, my husband is Hot. And I really really love him. And those of you who know me at all know that there would honestly be a few blows administered to such a Female. And I'm not kidding.

But, there is no need to wonder any more. Another Female HAS laid claim.

And she takes her claim very, very seriously.
Most the time it's okay. But I do admit, sometimes The Husband walks by her and her freaking GOOGLY eyes for him are a little too much, even for me.

And man would I be in trouble if I tried even one right hook.

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