Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's shocking really.

"According to American folk tradition, Sadie Hawkin's Day affords WOMEN the opportunity to ask out a MAN! Although not an uncommon practice today, when this method of dating was suggested in the latter part of the 1930's, it caused quite a stir." - Lynn Remick

At Mesa High, it's called MORP, not Sadie Hawkins, but the idea is the same.
Girls ask boys, the dinner and dress are casual, and it's super fun.
Since 2 is super fun, of course she went.
Since 2 had to drive and pick up her date, Steven, I had to sneak over to the restaurant to get my pictures. Well, I didn't so much sneak as walk right in, make them get out of line, come outside by the pretty fountain, and pose. To 2's credit, she is so used to me that she had warned Steven in advance and I got no opposition from them. I love her.
They did not, however, stick around. They beat it back in with their friends after posing for exactly one picture. Lucky for her she looks cute, because goodness knows I would have posted it either way.
2 loves High School, and High School loves 2. Cute boys, fun dates and dances. Life is good.

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