Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Job Hunting.

This is 3. 3 pretty much runs our family. It's true. She is the epitome of matureness and responsibility.

I do believe she is the only 3rd child on earth with this personality. She keeps us all on schedule, corrects our behaviors, lectures us when necessary, and distributes guilt trips worthy of long-time mothers everywhere.

There is, however, one thing that 3 hasn't been able to master. Her pesky braces.
Now it should be stated that poor little 3 has been in braces, permanent retainers, and other such unsightly mouth hardware for the last 4 years or so. And she is only 10. And she isn't done yet. I'm not sure why this ridiculously good-looking child was sent here with teeth so crooked that even her teeth didn't even know they were actually teeth, but she was.
Today, at her regularly scheduled orthodontist appointment, 3 was informed that she had broken her last "free" bracket. For anyone who has never had braces, the Ortho gives you 3 free breaks and then you have to pay $25 a pop for any more brackets that break.

This drives me crazy. How can such a sweet little girl who manages her life and everyone else's around her not avoid regularly breaking off all of her brackets? Her two big sisters managed it. It is quite puzzling.

In a frustrated moment today, during our Pei Wei after the Ortho lunch date, I informed 3 that if she breaks any more, she is paying for them herself.

She sighed with resignation and morosely nodded her head in agreement.

So 3 is in the job market.
I mean if you hear of anything..........

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  1. Poor little sweetheart! When will she be through with those pesky braces? Now, don't we all wish we had listened more to our mother's advice?


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