Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wild. Very Wild.

Finally, it happened.

I was finally able to accompany 4 on a field trip.

And boy was it a doozy.

Since the divorce and subsequent move to Arizona, I have been so busy just trying to keep everything together for my little family that I'm afraid the simple joys in life, like Field Trips, have been put on the back burner.

Things have definitely settled down since The Husband. Finally! I have a co-parent!!! Life is just better than exceptional now. And such an exceptional life affords me the opportunity to attend field trips to my heart's content.

Little 4 has been patiently waiting for her turn. 4 is in SECOND GRADE and I had never been on a field trip with her. Today, that all changed. And it was awesome.

According to 4, this day just could not be more perfect for 3 reasons. 1. She FINALLY got to have her very own Mommy as her chaperone. 2. She got to make practical use of her new Cowgirl Boots,
and 3. Her and E were assigned to the same group. My group.

Now, if any of you don't know the significance of E, read back a few posts. E and 4 have been best friends, and, excuse the term but it totally applies, soulmates, for the last 6 years or so. And since they are still just 8, it is still totally adorable. That will change in a couple of years, but for now, adorable. In fact, E's mother and I are constantly documenting their relationship with photos just in case we will need them later for a wedding reception video. They really are that attached. And you just never know, crazier things have happened........

This is 4 and E. Seriously folks. Attached.

*I didn't mean to make this post so long, but I have to add this: 4 and E have been in the same class for both 1st and 2nd grades. At Franklin Elementary, they like to really mix up the kids each year, for obvious reasons. E's mother and I have already started to prepare them for the fact that, most likely, they will not be in the same class AGAIN next year. One day, we were in the car and I was looking at her in the rear view mirror and explaining again that they probably won't be in the same class for 3rd grade, and 4 looked at me with her big blue eyes full of unshed tears, and in the most heart-wrenching little voice I have ever heard said, "Mom I just can't let that happen."

I will continue the therapy. I am confident I will have her ready for this adjustment come August. But please send all of your best wishes 4's way......
Anyways, back to the Field Trip. We went to the Pioneer Arizona Living History Musem. Chock full of real buildings and memorabilia from Arizona's Wild West history. It was actually very fascinating. The best field trip I have every been on with any of my girls hands down.
And my group of little Cowboys and Pioneers. I had NINE kids (nine!) to keep track of by myself, the Museum stretched over 10 acres or something, and criminy were those kids wired! But somehow, we made it back to the bus without losing even one kid.
I really am that good.

My beautiful, beautiful 4. How I love this little girl......
What an incredible Spring day in the incredible State of Arizona..... Perfect weather, beautiful bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds, Cowgirls, Wild-West shootouts, and 4 and E.
Perfect day. Can't wait til next year.

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