Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why, Thank You For Asking.

Dear Amber,

I just wanted to drop you a short note and let you know that my current situation is working out very well. As you know, I was recently ripped from the loving paws of my mother and taken to a strange place far away. A place with a lot of girls. And one very kind man.

I am regularly chased, squeezed, kissed, hugged, and the like by the girls. The man holds me and pets me when the girls go to bed so that they don't know that he secretly really likes me.

I pretend that all of this attention is a horrible inconvenience but I secretly love it. I try to not let them know I love it by always wearing a bland, put-out expression on my face, but I find it harder as the days go by to quell my purring. Sometimes I just have to purr.

There is a large dog here. She has a rug. She is not allowed to leave the rug but I am allowed the run of the house. The dog hates this. I find her looking at me in a menacing manner when she thinks no one can see.
The children have only dressed me up once. So far. I laid there and pretended to like it and then had to pose for photos. It was quite a nuisance. I did not purr.

All in all, things are working out quite well. The little one likes to snuggle, and so do I. They do feed me everyday and I have a nice, soft bed.
I currently spend my days plotting sneaky and slightly evil ways in which to tease and torment the dog. I am looking forward to putting these plans into motion.
Until next time.


  1. awww does "dear amber" refer to me??? i love you.
    and i wanna see this kitten! :)

  2. Of course it refers to you silly. The cat knows you like it. Cats always know.

  3. This is the cutest blog ever! Give Minnie a pet from Grandma!


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