Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And This Is How We Do It.

I knew it was bad the minute she hit the ground. I knew something was broken. The Husband insisted that it probably wasn't, she only fell from about 5 1/2 feet. But I knew. I tried to tell him. He tried to console me. But I knew.

Three doctors confirmed my suspicion. Three.

To hear her tell it later, she was playing Monkey. There were several little Monkeys in the tree at the time. She was the only Monkey who tried to do a cool swinging landing to the ground six feet below.

She needs to work a little on her over-rotation issues.

Of course there were six (!) grown-ups, The Husband and I included, within 3 large steps. Because that is ALWAYS how it is when one of my kids are injured. No kidding.

We waited it out overnight. I mean, it was Sunday evening, and this is my fourth kid after all. I'm actually not much of a worrier. I know the drill. The ER would be over run, we would be there all night only to receive instructions to go to an orthopedic surgeon first thing Tuesday. And for that pleasurable experience we would shell out 100 big ones.
If it makes all you grandparents out there feel better, we had our resident Ward doctor check her out and he agreed, wait for Urgent Care in the morning. And so we did.

The doctor at Urgent Care told us Little Missy had dodged a pretty big bullet. Her elbow is broken in two places, and one of the breaks is right near a joint. If the bone had moved at all, she would need surgery. The bone might still move. Can everyone please pray for my Precious? Thanks......

On Tuesday morning, the Orthopedic Surgeon again told us about the speeding bullet 4 had dodged. He said only 5% of these types of breaks don't require surgery. He said this was the first break like this that he had treated that didn't require surgery. He said 4 was a lucky girl. He also said the bone could still move. Please say lots of prayers for little 4.
And just like that, her Summer went from swimming in a different pool every day to a pink cast up to her armpit and a prescription for Lortab.
Oh 4, I am so sorry that I didn't have some sort of premonition that you were going to do that awesome Monkey swing out of that tree and onto your elbow six feet below.
I should have been there....... please forgive me.
Mommy loves you.


  1. ahhh poor thing! It takes me back to the day when I had 2 of those casts up to my armpits at the same time because I decided to go rollerblading at the cement hill at harmony park.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my mom: brushing my teeth, wiping my bottom, feeding me, getting me dressed, duct taping trash bags to me in a way water couldn't get in, bathing me, coming to school everyday and feeding me lunch in the nurse's office...

    oh, the life.

  2. Poor little Angel, Grandma Annie loves you so much! Be careful and enjoy the new book.

  3. Maleisa, I don't know if you remember me or not, but I look at your blog once in a while-- its nice to keep up on what family members are up to, because i never see them anymore. my little girl broke her arm on the monkey bars this last fall, and i too made her wait about a day and a half to go in to be seen. im glad im not the only one. tayia's wasnt as bad, so i feel so bad for your little one. we will say prayers for her. if you want, you can check out my blog-- smttbennett.blogspot.com
    hope things heal well and fast!


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