Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sad, Happy, Sad, Happy. Can't Decide.

The month of May has always, for some reason, brought out the height of my Motherly mushiness, craziness, micro-managerness, etc. I'm in a constant state of on the verge of tears. It's a nightmare for everyone, really.

I'm sure it's because the school year is ending. All of the girls are moving up a grade, up a level in piano, up a level in dance. Up, up up. It's crap. All of it.

All of you young Mom's, and teenagers who know everything. Listen hard right now. See this picture? I would swear on my brand new Jeep in the driveway that this happened last week. I remember this picture as if I took it 4 days ago. I remember doing 1's hair in that messy french braid. Almost 21 years of mothering girls and I still stink at french braids.

I remember being so happy that 2 wore the hat. She really kept it on. Quite a feat for a 2 year old. I remember J the 2nd's attitude. And J the 1st. Oh my goodness J the 1st. My boy.

Funny enough, the thing I remember most about this picture is little Amber's AWESOME shorts. Amber, poor little thing, is actually MY first cousin (oh, you knew I was going to say it), but because of her very-last-cousin-in-the-family status, she got grouped with the next generation. And she still is. Most people probably think that she and these kids are cousins. And they are. Once removed.

Oh Amber. Don't you wish you would have saved those shorts?

Fast forward to now. Same kids, minus Amber. She had to work. We really missed her.
And this really was a few weeks ago.
It really is enough to make me sick. I don't know where the time goes. I honestly can't stand it.
Hold your babies girls......(those of you with babies) don't push them into talking or walking or reading or anything else.
Just let them live. Watch them live. And please, please breath it all in and enjoy every minute.
And now May is almost over and I can return to my practical self. And not a moment too soon, because I have wasted WAY too many contacts this month.


  1. I feel so left out!
    and yes, i want my shorts back!

  2. AnonymousJune 01, 2010

    I have been also crying everyother day. And still goin! These are special pictures. Thanks for sharing


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