Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The World Really Is Happier With Her In It.

I left my bedroom the other morning and almost tripped over this creation which had been ever so carefully placed right in front of my door so I couldn't miss it.

It was perfectly shaped into a giant fortune cookie. The picture doesn't do it justice. No justice at all.

I carefully opened it, and out dropped 4 fortunes, written especially for me by a secret fortune teller:

***You will have a very nice, quiet day.
(She knows those are my favorite)
*** You will soon find that someone loves you alot.
(Nothing better in life than that!)
***This week will be the best of many.
(Well, I am the 4th year hike leader, and it's almost time for girl's camp, but thanks for the encouragement!)

and my favorite:

*** This month you will shine when you do your talent.
(Not sure what my talent is really, besides keeping track of 5 schedules and doing 40 loads of laundry a week, but I'll take it.)

And if you are wondering who would take the time and make the effort to do this for me, for no reason at all, you are probably a stranger to our family.

Because the minute I saw it, without even opening it, I knew it was her........

Oh 3: I don't know where you came from or how I got you.... but thanks for staying.
I will love you forever.
Love, Mom.

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