Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh Erma.

Couple Things.......

A. The Quote of The Day today is my favorite OF ALL TIME from the fabulous Ms. Erma Bombeck. And she is the funniest woman of the last century, if you ask me. Holy Crap. If that quote doesn't make you laugh out loud, and you are a parent of a child over the age of 4, then there is something categorically wrong with you.

B. I am in no way endorsing said quote. Please especially note this disclaimer if you are with the Arizona DES (Hi Denise!) and are about to place an infant foster child in our home. (We are weeks away now!)(Very exciting!)

C. The pictures below have nothing to do with anything. Except this is how life is at our house. And these pictures weren't even re-staged, as they sometimes are. I mean, come on. Everyone who blogs knows that sometimes awesome things happen when you don't have your camera and then you make your kids re-create them. Not this time, Sister. This all happened when the camera was right on the counter, and I started clicking away.

D. Good stuff. Life is full of good stuff.

E. I am, as promised, fully recovered from my Tizzy fit over Avatar.

Better luck next time Sugar Plum.

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