Sunday, May 23, 2010

I knew it. I KNEW IT.


It was every single bit as stupid as I imagined it would be. I didn't even make it throught the first half. The Husband braved it out, but only because he is stubborn. Me? I went in on my soft comfy bed and lost myself in the newest Mary Higgins Clark.

Now, I'm not trying to get all deep or anything over a ridiculous movie. But isn't this just the way our country is headed? Let's make the military the bad guys. All those soldiers and sailors that for the past 100 years have preserved your freedom James Cameron. Let's make THEM the bad guys in your movie.

Of course that makes sense.

And maybe I am a little over sensitive because it is, after all, almost Memorial Day.

I think Memorial Day should be our country's biggest holiday, followed closely by Veteran's Day. Make a movie out of THAT James Cameron.

Coming soon on my next post: A swift and complete recovery from my bitterness over stupid movies made by stupid, left-wing liberals. A complete recovery, I promise.


  1. my mom LOVES Mary Higgins Clark. Actually... she just bought the last book that came out and it's currently sitting on our hutch. Roughly 5 minutes ago, me and morgan were talking about how in all our years of growing up we dont remember a time where there wasn't a mary higgins clark book somewhere. My mom is Mary's #1 fan. :)

  2. I did watch Avatar and yes, you are right. They tried to make the military the "bad guys". They also made the scientists and other "earth lovers" look like the kind loving ones. It does make steam come out of your ears and blood shoot from your eyes, huh?


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