Friday, May 21, 2010

Why in the World didn't I just go to a Movie?

We were going to go out to a movie. Instead we decided to stay home and watch Avatar on DVD.

No I didn't see it in the theatre.

No I don't really care.

But because of curiosity, I am going to force myself to watch it, even though I know with 100% certainty that I am going to completely regret it to the point that I will be disgusted with myself all week.

Like I have that kind of free time on my hands.

But that's not going to stop me from planting myself on that comfy white couch over there and mindlessly watching it in HD.

I'm going to go put it in right now. Right after 3 and 4 and S and V get done with their handshakes. Because that is a show I am definitely not going to miss.

I will elaborate on Avatar next time I post. Please be prepared for my opinion. Because I'm telling you right now that I know it won't be a favorable one and then the entire rest of the world will think I am an idiot.

And trust me, I won't care.

I mean seriously. Avatar? Really?

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  1. if it makes you feel better... i've only seen 5 minutes of avatar... and the 5 minutes of it i saw, i wasnt a fan.

    what i AM a fan of though, is I used to LOVE those handshakes... ha. Oh the days..


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