Monday, May 17, 2010

A Monday Night In May. In Pictures.

Picture #1: 2 gets home from dance just as we are about to leave to go to our last band concert ever in the history of our family. It is our last band concert because 3 is switching to Orchestra. And 4 will also take Orchestra. And that is final.

ANYWAY, 2 comes home, casually walks by 3, I look up and say "Um, excuse me, everybody freeze, this is most definitely a moment for the camera." The day we have all been (kind of but not really) waiting for is almost here! The day that the 10-year-old 3 will officially pass up the 16-year-old 2 in height.

I mean, we all knew it was coming, especially 2. And don't worry folks, 2 could care less. 2 loves her body, loves her height. And I love that about her.

But the day is close. Very close.

I take the picture, we run out the door.
Picture #2: We get in the car. 3 immediately starts reviewing her music for the concert. I have not a single doubt in my head that 3 is following instructions from her band teacher to the letter. 3 is a rule follower. 3 loves to follow rules. 3 also loves to make sure anyone within earshot is also following rules. Despite this personality trait, 3 remains very popular with the boys.
Pictures #4, #5, and #6: We arrive at the school at EXACTLY the same moment that my nephew, J the 3rd, and his parents arrive at the school. And this is totally unscripted. Of course, I whip out my camera. I do love me some J the 3rd! I mean, look at this kid! Seriously, you have to click to enlarge these pictures and check that face out. It is so ridiculously perfect they need to do a study on it. Anyways, J the 3rd is in the sixth grade, a genius, and in the advanced band. J the 3rd is also the closest thing 3 and 4 will ever have to a brother. They are lucky enough to spend every afternoon after school with J the 3rd and his brother M the 1st. Oh and M the 2nd. Little M the 2nd is in serious love with 3 and 4. Thank goodness for first cousins. What would we ever do without them?
Picture #7: This picture is just a little something for me.......
Picture #8: This is a random (randomly adorable!) picture of 2 and Uncle Tony. Uncle Tony is arguably the 2nd best Stepdad on the face of the planet. Now this all depends on who you ask, the Green's or the Brown's. Either way, he's quite likable........
Picture #9: Ok. This is where Mommy gets all teary and sentimental and ridiculous. There we were, sitting in our squishy little auditorium seats waiting for the show to start. Me, The Husband, and 4. All of a sudden, I look up, and there stands 2! She had quickly changed her clothes and even did her hair (and makeup!) and had sped on over to the school so she could sit through an Elementary School band concert (!) to support her sister. Oh 2, you really are the best teenager on the face of the planet..... this was so totally unexpected. You are such a good sister. You really, really are.
Picture #10: The Husband has a penchant for his nephews. He especially likes J the 3rd. The Husband also pines away for his nephews Lewis 1-4. He really really misses them. And that is why he expecially likes J the 3rd, who lives right around the corner. And here's hoping we get to see those little Lewises sooner rather than later. Hello Taylor? Are you listening? And I know I have already said it, but for crying out loud check out this kid's profile! Perfect.
Picture #11: Just another little something especially for me......
Picture #12: I am sitting in my seat all smug about my teenager, noticing the lack of other teenage siblings, (all of this is taking place in my head of course) thinking about how awesome she is to sacrifice her all-important teenage time for a band concert. I'm sitting there doing all that when in walks, you guessed it, the best boy on the planet - J the 1st, who is also a teenage sibling.

I just can't say enough about this boy. You see, this was also J the 3rd's last ever band concert. J the 3rd is going into 7th grade. And of course he won't be in the band any longer.

I mean please.

Anyways, back to J the 1st. You will see him starring in many more posts in the future. I have lived my boy life through him all these years, and the best is yet to come.....Stay tuned.

Dear J the 1st: I love you, love you, love you!!!!
And lastly, Picture #13: Another little something just for me.
Pretty much the best Monday in May on record.

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  1. I don't know how I missed this post! But it's great.
    I miss band- however, I don't miss Mr Higgins.

    Who doesn't love Jaymen & Joban? I mean really?
    I suppose Logan is cute too :)


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