Thursday, May 13, 2010

Show Me Where It Says That.

My Beautiful, Beautiful 2,

There is no law written or implied that says you must ever grow up and move out of your Mother's house.

Maybe you must grow up, but you certainly don't have to move away from home.

Remember when 1 moved? It sucked the life out of me for days, weeks, months even. A part of me will always be wherever she is.

I will never forgive her. She knows I expected her to stay with me forever.

I think it would be best for everyone if you just plan on staying. If you stay, I promise I will redo your room exactly every 24 months. Even though you will never keep it clean anyways.

If you stay, you can eat dinner for free and borrow my earrings for the rest of your life. Just think! Keeping yourself in new earring merely by convincing me that I must have them for myself! And let's be really honest right now. We both know that I am putty in your hands.

If you stay, you can always keep the good parking spot. The one right by the door. The best one. If you leave you will forfeit said spot forever.
If you stay I swear I will scratch your back every single night for the rest of your life. And I don't care if that sounds a little creepy. I will do it. EVERY NIGHT.
If you stay with me forever I will ALWAYS let you watch Glee and The Hills before I even think about watching Friday Night Lights. And if you know me you know that is pretty much my best offer ever.
I know. I know you aren't going to stay. But I have you for at least 2 more years full-time. And hopefully a few years after that while you attend a LOCAL University.

And I will need every single one of those hundreds and hundreds of days to prepare for the day when you don't live with me any more.
I honestly miss you already.


  1. I remember very well the day my 17 year old girl left for basic training in the NAVY. I cried for weeks and weeks and sometimes I still cry because I miss my girl. I hope sometime in the eternities we will be able to go back in time for just a little bit so we can hold our babies just one more time!


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