Monday, May 10, 2010

Like Your Kids Don't Do This.

Little girls must create. And boys too, I'm sure.

But I only have girls. And they must be creative. It's like part of their biological make up. It can NOT be silenced.

This is what happens when all of Sunday is complete, including our Family Home Evening (which we hold on Sunday Evening to accommodate 2's schedule.) (I would do anything to accommodate my 2.) But there is still an hour or two before bed.

What happens then is that little girls put on shows. Theatre if you will.

Theatre complete with big pillows, a bright red gift bag, one seedless watermelon, and some shopping bags.

Oh, and a black sharpie. Of course there was a black sharpie.

I mean, who HASN'T put on a production with all of these items?

A live and engaged audience is also vital to such productions.

4 would like it stated for the record that the Artichoke was not one of the authorized props.

Watermelon, yes. Artichoke, no.

Got it?

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