Monday, June 21, 2010

Derek Jeter. Sigh.

This is The Husband. At our house, we are all a little bit obsessed with him. Me especially.

My Mother is obsessed with him from afar. As mentioned before, all the older ladies at church are secretly obsessed with him.

He's very likable. That's just how it goes sometimes.

This is The Husband's 3rd Father's Day. With a 16 year old. That's pretty funny. Anyways, the presents were a huge hit this year. I think we did good.

The Husband holding the statue of Olive the dog that 4 painstakingly painted for him. It really is some of her best work ever.

The Husband holding the tiny little German Shepard dog statue that 3 somehow found for him. The Husband has always wanted a German Shepard. Sadly, that dream is never coming true as long as we are married. I just can't do it. Leave it to little 3 to try to make his dreams come true anyways.
The Husband opening the big present. 3 and 4 made sure to wrap it in his favorite colors: Cardinals red, black and white.
You knew that football rules our lives from September until draft day the following April, right?
Pro, college, high school. All of it. In fact, The Husband is completely giddy that 2 is going to be a Varsity Cheerleader at Mesa so we have an excuse to go to the games. Secretly, so am I.
And you may be surprised to know that this football habit of his doesn't bother me in the slightest. First of all, I was raised with a brother who was obsessed with football. I watched a lot of football growing up after he got big enough to wrestle the remote control from me. I've always liked football. Second of all, men are supposed to love football. I mean, who wouldn't? It's football for crying out loud.
And what was in the big present? Shorts from Target! Because we are just awesome like that.
We made him try them on and let him think that's what he was getting, and we were all laughing and clapping and he thought we were super lame.
Then we had him feel in the pockets.
Yankee's tickets baby. Oh, and Cub's tickets too.
Because I AM awesome like that.
Like I will be tomorrow night when A-Rod trots past and I'm sitting there looking all cool like he doesn't even affect me. I mean, he keeps going out with Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson!
My next door neighbor is cuter.
Happy Father's Day Todd........ and could you sit still and be quiet when Derek is up to bat? That would be great, thanks.
I will love you forever.

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  1. I will also love Todd forever! Isn't he my step-dad too?


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