Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Obsession with The Husband, Continued.

So, we picked the one game in the series that wasn't really a thriller for D-Backs fans. That would be Tuesday. That would be the worst top of the 8th in history. Oh well.....

But I love me my sporting events. And it WAS the Yankees. And it was fun.

Even though we were surrounded by screaming Yankees fans.

People. If New York City is that great, for crying out loud go back, or go now, or go live there. Or at least shut up.

Have some decency. Cheer for the Home Team. Sheesh.
I actually had a chance at some seats behind home plate. Up high of course, but behind home plate. I got bleacher seats instead. I mean, we were right there. We could hear Upton and Swisher breathing. It was awesome.

Give me bleacher seats any day of the week.
The Husband had to go out in the 4th inning because we ran out of root beer. I felt guilty making him go, but let's be serious, there is no way in the world he would have let me go. He just does not operate like that. He just doesn't.
That's my man. Being a home-team fan....sporting the Cardinals and ASU. THAT is how you be a REAL fan people of Arizona who for some reason imagine themselves actual Yankees. Honestly, If I ever see any of you again do me a favor and start shutting up right now. Ug.
This is proof that I am an actual game watcher. I honestly watch the game. I mean, I like the atmosphere and watching the crazy people as much as the next girl. But in the end, I always watch the game.
THIS one is proof that my incredibly good-looking Husband doesn't always look perfect. Doesn't happen very often, so you might want to bookmark this page.....

THIS one is proof that I stink at taking pictures of myself with my own camera. I was trying to get the infield in this shot. I'm ridiculous.
THIS one is proof that the 8th inning stuuuuuunk.
THIS is what we sat behind every time the Yankees did ANYTHING. Hit, catch, run, scratch their behind, whatever. This guy went crazy.
Brown eyes, broad chest, two-day stubble. Sigh.
Spoiler Alert!
Dear 1,2,3, and 4. Look away now. Just look away.
What a great date night...... And yes, I rooted for our D-Backs all the way.
But when I am at a Yankees game on Labor Day at Yankee's Stadium in New York City?
I'll be the loudest Yankee's screamer in the bleachers.
Dear Todd,
One of our best dates ever.
Can't wait for September.
I love you so much.

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  1. Why do you have to be an ASU fan to be a true Arizona fan???

    I like Arizona. But I like University of Arizona. :)
    A lot.


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