Sunday, June 27, 2010

Long Summer Mornings.

It's not that I don't have sympathy for 3 and 4, because I do. I, too, was a kid at home in the summer while my Mother was at work.

I totally get it.

But girls, seriously. You only have to entertain yourselves until Orchestra camp which begins at 9:45 AM.

9:45 AM.

You would think cold cereal and cartoons would cover it, right?

Not my little early risers. They were constantly bored and looking for something to do and calling me and complaining to 2, who was watching them until she could fetch 3 from Orchestra camp with 4 in tow and them ceremoniously dump them both off at Aunt M's.

But we all survived it.

Orchestra is now over and my three girls are a state away. So now all 4 of my girls are a state away.

And I would like nothing more but for them to be here to call me at work on Monday.
This was their give each other facials phase. It lasted about a week and kept them very busy. They also gave me a few facials. It was awesome.
FYI, the veggie on the eyes? Not cucumbers, zucchini. My little's make what we have work. They are just industrious like that. The zucchini was actually very soothing. I think it actually took away a wrinkle. I would do anything for them to not have to entertain themselves, even if only for a few hours. I would do anything to stay home with them and just be their Mom.

Hopefully someday they will understand that life just didn't work out that way for us, and they will forgive me for these summer mornings.

Hopefully they will remember this and be strong and faithful enough to make the choice my 1 made. To stay home with their little's and let their Husband provide.


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