Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Some little known facts (aka secrets) about us:

1. I haven't missed a Grand Slam professional Tennis tournament since 1985. Except the 1987 Wimbledon. The people at boot camp wouldn't let me watch it, no matter how hard I begged. In fact, I think I got extra bathroom cleaning duty after my most ridiculous begging episode.

2. I am a veteran. Navy, active duty. 1987 to 1989.

3. The Husband is a two-time high school State Champion in Football. Thatcher High School baby. If you know anything about high school, you know this is a big deal. And yes, he started and played and was awesome.

4. Of all my girls, 4 knows all my favorites best. Not because she is the smartest, but because she is by far the most obsessed with me.

5. We had absolutely no idea who 3 looked like until a couple years ago when the girls' Great Grandma LaNea Brown died. (I had known LaNea since 1991, but of course she was 80 or so by then) We received the funeral program in the mail and there was a picture of LaNea as a teenager on it. Stunned, we all stared at it, not quite believing what we were seeing. It was the spitting image of 3. Crazy. Mystery solved.

6. I get ALOT of puzzled people asking me who 3 looks like.

7. In two years and 1 month, there has not been one single fight, argument, tizzy fit involving one of my girls and The Husband. Me and the girls? Weekly. The Husband? No. I know I am bragging a little here. But I just can't believe how lucky we are. He just gets it, you know?

8. Carver is perfect.
9. We drink a case and a half of Coke Zero a week at our house. Judge all you want, I am past caring. It's delicious. No, the kids don't drink it, except 4, who begs and begs and begs and has about two a week.
10. 2 is honestly the most reasonable teenager I have ever met in my entire life. It's true. Have a conversation with her if you don't believe it. And no, I don't take responsibility. Well, maybe a little. But she was just born this way.
11. The Husband wakes up at 5:30 every morning to play video games before work. Who in their right mind would choose video games over sleep? The Husband would.
12. 1 is smarter than she thinks she is. She has parts of life down. Parts some of us took 20 years to figure out.
13. I will sacrifice almost anything for a pedicure.
14. We aren't allowed to touch our plates with our forks while we eat dinner, or someone, who will remain nameless, will almost start to cry.
15. I hate purple so much I never let any of my daughters have a purple room. Cruel? Maybe. But they can have all the purple they want just as soon as they make the house payment.
16. I hate watermelon. I can't help it. It's gross.

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