Monday, July 5, 2010

Olive's Weekend.

This is Olive....
Olive loved her life. She was the center of attention, and the sole canine in our home possessing 100% of The Husband's Heart. She lived in a house full of little girls who loved her and she loved them.

Until last week. Wait, that doesn't sound right, Olive still lives here...... but,

Last week we got a call about an adorable, 7 month old Yellow Lab puppy that had been abused and needed a good home.

The Husband was called.

Now is the time to say that The Husband had been hinting about wanting a second big dog since we got the first big dog. I wasn't thrilled with the idea. I wondered out loud several times to The Husband if he was confused and thought he lived in Apache Junction.

Needless to say The Husband was thrilled to be asked to adopt this puppy. Needless to say I'm not as good at saying no to The Husband as I thought I was.

So, Olive got a puppy. She hasn't said Thank You yet, but I'm sure a very thoughtful Thank You is coming any time now.

This is Dan Patrick, Olive's puppy. She calls him Patrick. This weekend, Olive and Patrick had a sleepover.

Now is the time to say that we are NOT those ridiculous people who get dogs and children confused. I mean, look at their rug. Do you think I would put my child on that rug?

But the fact of the matter is this: We live in Arizona. It is July. It is H.O.T. If you go out of town for more than one day, you must have someone take care of your dog. It's just a reality.

So Olive babysat all weekend. The Husband helped. But trust me, Olive did most of the work.

Olive would like Nestle and Philly's family to know that she is thinking of raising her rates. She would like them to know that although Philly behaved rather well, Nestle is still extremely high maintenance, hence the raised rates. Playtime went great.

Lots of fetch, lots of barking, lots of running. And one very irritating incident of running away. You know who you are.

Olive would like the following picture to serve as evidence that she earned every penny this weekend. And if there is any argument about any future (higher) rates, she will produce said picture on a moment's notice.

She really will.

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