Thursday, July 8, 2010

I miss them.

Gone, -flitted away,
Taken the stars from the night and the sun
From the day!
Gone, and a cloud in my heart.
-Alfred Tennyson
1 has been gone for forever.
Now 3 and 4 are gone for half the summer.....
It happens every year.
You would think I would love it, live it up.
But I don't love it, not really.
I feel like I'm constantly forgetting something.
I hate being responsible for nothing.
Except Her...... She is still here - thanks to her gainful employment and Varsity Cheerleader status.
Thank goodness for her.
Dear 1, 3, and 4:
I miss you every day.
Please come home soon.
But please have fun while you are there.

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