Wednesday, July 14, 2010


"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as Gods. Cats have never forgotten this." Anonymous
I know, I know. My posts have been a little too much about animals lately. My kids are gone. Sue me.
I understand that people go too far with their animals, I really do. But I know you can have normalcy and love animals at the same time. For example, my animals, while loved and well cared for, are merely animals. The dogs live outside and the cat eats WalMart brand cat food.
That being said, I just don't know how anyone could look into a kitten's or a Labrador's eyes and not see something heavenly. And I mean that literally. Heavenly Father put these sweet animals here to enrich our lives. I truly believe that. They need us and we need them.
Now, on to my story.
Monday, The Husband was at work. I was also at work. All of a sudden I got this picture from him of three little orange and white kittens that had been born only moments before.
"What the heck?" (my reply)
"They are just lying here on the ground, not in the shade, (it's 112 degrees) no mother cat in sight, the owners of the house have no idea how they got there." (his reply)
"Well take them home! Put them in a box with a towel! Tell 2 to go to the pet store and get kitten milk! We can't let them die!" (my reply. He DID send me a picture of them. I can't be heartless about kittens, I just can't do it.)
So he did.
Backing up a little. About 2: 2 is precariously close to earning her Young Womanhood Award. She has put in hundreds of hours on projects and value experiences and she has always taken this goal seriously. She has one more project to complete and she will have her award. We were talking about this just the other day, her and I, and she said she wanted to do something "meaningful" for her last project.
Another thing about 2: I have four daughters. 3 of them love animals and have always loved animals. 3 of them are compassionate and motherly and loving toward all animals. 1 of them is not and never has been. That 1 of them is 2.
Back to present. When The Husband came walking in with the newborn kittens, instead of being uninvolved and nonchalant as I would expect her too, 2 sprang into action. She made a soft bed for them and sped down to Petco herself to purchase formula. She held them and petted them and commiserated with them at their abandonment.
And that is when it hit her. This would be her meaningful project. To mother these poor little orphans and then give them to loving families when they are raised.
2 never fails to shock me.
2 is amazing.
2 worked out a deal with Olive. Olive now lays by the babies every night, letting them snuggle into her while she licks them clean after feeding.
2 feeds the babies every 3 hours. If she isn't available she makes sure The Husband or me is there to feed them.
2 makes sure they are fed in the middle of the night. Not by me, I mean, come on. But she gets up and The Husband gets up and the babies get fed.
2 is ever concerned about these babies. She rushes home from work to check on them and she even takes them with her, in their box, if she thinks she needs to. For example, she came to my hair appointment today with me. So did the babies.

My hair looks amazing, thanks for wondering.

2 is a good girl and a wonderful Daughter of Heavenly Father. I know He is proud of her. I know, no matter how other people may think or feel, that He would not have wanted us to turn a blind eye on these completely defenseless little baby beings. I know that He is grateful for 2 and her compassion. I know He is.
And that is what I call Meaningful. And 2 will earn her award this October and it will be wonderful, and she will deserve it.

Dear 2:

I love you so much. Even though you have not historically loved animals, I know you have historically had compassion. You have always wanted to help others. And today, those others are these defenseless little kitties. Thank you for being up to the task. I'm so proud of you.


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  1. OOOHHHHH, they are so cute! I am so proud of 2 and her willingness to do what she is! You are a great mom - you were always the one in our family to make sure the dogs and kitties were well loved and taken care of. Kindness to animals shows your character! I love you! Mom


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