Sunday, July 18, 2010

Arizona, my love.

1. If I only have to shave my legs once every two weeks (yes, this is true) (no, none of my girls have inherited this gene) then why do I have to wax my eyebrows every Wednesday?

2. I watch EVERY single season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and then cross my fingers that those crazy kids make it. I have faith that Ali will be the one to do it.

3. If I look so good in purple, why do I hate it so much? Shouldn't I be grateful for it?

4. I have an amazing "it's a dry heat" speech. Hit me up for it sometime. And yes, it really is a dry heat, and yes, it really does make a difference.

5. I can not wait to see my girl be a Mesa High Cheerleader. Counting down the days til that first football game. I. Can't. Wait.

6. Why does everyone hate Lebron James so much right now? All the really good athletes think they are more important than everyone else, get over it. Plus, he gave all the money to charity.

7. Why are Arizona's sunsets so much prettier than California's? That doesn't even make sense.

8. I have been to Florida, courtesy of the US Navy, and have no real desire to go back, even after seeing the stunning beaches in magazines all the time. Is that normal?

9. I had almost talked myself out of voting for John McCain for US Senator representing the awesome state of Arizona, and then I remembered. He was a war prisoner. A WAR PRISONER. FOR YEARS. Anyone who would make that sacrifice for our freedom can be a Senator for as long as he wants as far as I'm concerned. He has my vote.

10. This summer has been the very hardest on me in years. My little ones are gone, as they are every summer, but this year it is worse than usual. Probably because I sent 4 off with a cast and now it is removed and she is healed and I wasn't there to be there and talk to the doctor and hold her. I should have been there. I can't wait until they are home. I love them.

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