Thursday, September 9, 2010

Magic. Perfect.

This girl has magic in her eyes. Do you see it? The wealth of possibilities just bubbling over? She believes anything is possible.

She believes I can do anything, that I will be with her forever. And lucky for me, I will.

I want to make every one of her moments perfect. I know we aren't supposed to use the word perfect, but I'm going to anyway. Because she is as close as it gets. Perfect skin, perfect eyes, perfect beauty, and best of all, a perfect spirit.
Today she is Eleven. Even her birthday is perfect. 9.9.99.
It sounds so trite to say the past eleven years feel as if I blinked them away. I blinked and she was born. I blinked and she could walk. I turned around to cook dinner and she was talking. I ran an errand and she could sing, and do a cartwheel, and ride a two wheeler.
She moves ever closer to being a young woman. At once I both can't wait and feel devastated.
But it will happen no matter how I feel about it.
She soothes our family. She brings peace and patience and love and order and organization and happiness and strength to us all.
She is magic. And today she is perfect.

Happy Birthday Beautiful 3. I am in more awe of you today than the day you were born and proclaimed the most beautiful baby to ever live. And trust me, it was proclaimed.
Mommy loves you until the end of time.


  1. Happy Birthday Britain! I miss you guys!

  2. ok how cute is she! PS. sersly why did you put a wig on ur baby?.... J/K


    so cute!


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