Monday, August 30, 2010

And we are off.

To the big city.

Just The Husband and me.

For EIGHT days.

Hoo. Ray.

For two entire days, we (well, me. But he will be sitting there with his binoculars) will be completely engrossed by the US Open. I haven't been since 2003, and I have NEVER seen Andy play in person. And if I'm not his biggest fan I have no idea who is.

Because it's me.

And don't be too worried about The Husband. Because Andy has a wife.
And she looks like this:

Hence the Husband and his binoculars.
For the other 6 days?
We are going to be tourists to the nth degree. I plan to spend every minute I'm not at the Open roaming the streets and parks and museums of Manhattan and taking it all in to my soul.
And we will be cheering for the Yankees on Labor Day. At Yankee's stadium. And our seats are Awesome.
And please don't miss us, because trust me, we won't miss you.
See you next week!

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