Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Be Kind. Rewind.

"Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by Midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness, and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again." -Og Mandino

This is 2. She is headed to the annual Mesa High getting to know you dance call the Howdy Hop.
This year, it was called the Howdy Hippy Hop.
2 loves making new friends, and I love 2.
My favorite acts of kindness this week:
1. When the very socially busy 3 secretly arranged for a very likeable 3rd grader to befriend a lonely 4 at recess, because 4 was getting snubbed a la elementary style by some of her friends.
2. When Uncle Tony offered to pick up 3 from dance, without even being asked, because he knew The Husband was gone with our car.
3. When 2 showed up for her SECOND set of church meetings, after going to a missionary farewell, because she knows her Mother likes her family together in Sacrament Meeting.
4. When Carol SuperStar brought 3 home from the dance studio because I had the wrong time written on my calendar, and 3 wasn't supposed to be there, and 3 was a little panicky, and Carol SuperStar calmed her down and brought her home.
5. When the above-mentioned Carol SuperStar fixed a hole in 3's pants after a play date, because she knows I don't sew.
6. When The Husband went out to our 2nd job twice this week and wouldn't let me go because he knows my girls need their Mom at night, even though the 2nd job is to pay for the girl's activities, even though he inherited the girls when he married me, and I should be the one out working to pay for their activities.
7. When 4 ate all of her green beans with a smile on her face.
8. When 2 offered to give a ride to a new girl, without even knowing where she lived. She just walked right up, asked her name, and asked if she needed a ride home. That's my girl.
9. When my brother didn't make me feel worse for forgetting for almost a year that I owed him $285.00 for some toilets. The Husband thought I paid and I thought The Husband paid and all this time we looked like ghetto losers. We finally found out that no one had paid and we paid.
10. When 2 texts me back sweet texts in the middle of the day after I text her, even though I know she is probably embarassed by me. And that is my favorite.
There is beauty all around. So much beauty all around. There is kindness in all of us. Life is so short. Very short.
Kind is the new black.

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  1. Look at this link! You'll like it.

    One of my teachers... she's a beautiful lady... She had a son die out of nowhere one day. He was only a couple years old. From there she started praying that she could die too. But then she realized that her husband and other son needed her to be alive. So she tried to get out of bed, not knowing if she could do it. She said that by the simple acts of kindness people showed her... even if it was just a smile... she kept going forward with her life. So she started what's called "Ben's Bells". Ben was the name of her son. This nonprofit organization is in remembrance of Ben. Its to promote kindness, because we don't know what everyone is facing when we walk by them each day. She realized that those people who did random acts of kindness had no idea that she was barely making it on the inside. She she started looking at every single person in a way that maybe they were barely making it too.

    The organization goes and hangs these bells all over the country. If you're lucky enough to find one, you get to take it home and keep it. It's out of Tucson and the workshop is on UA's campus basically. Volunteers go paint for hours to help. I've done it. I love it.

    It's a beautiful thing. And I'm lucky enough for her to be my teacher. :)


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