Thursday, August 19, 2010

We Took Our Dogs to FHE. That Really Happened.

I used to make ALOT of fun of dog people.

But the truth is this: My Husband loves his dogs, and I love My Husband.

It's as simple as that.

3 and 4 and The Husband's dreams all came true last Monday, when our Fabulous Neighbors, Ms. A, Mr. Officer, and their three blondies invited us and the dogs over for Family Home Evening.

Like we would say no to that.

Ms. A and Mr. Officer have a new puppy, Zoe. Zoe is part of The Husband's doggie playgroup.

She is catching on quick.
And this is the Fabulous Ms. A. Who, along with Mr. Officer, served up several different kinds of todiefor grilled pizza. It was G.O.O.D. Ok, I am over using the periods between the letter thing. But the pizza was honestly that good.
This is Zoe thinking about getting in with the other dogs and the girls.
Maybe next time.
The Husband is so Handsome. I know you all agree with me.
And my beautiful blue eyed 3 and 4. They are so ridiculously stunning sometimes I have to catch my breath when I see pictures like this. Did I really make these girls? I think I did! That is VERY exciting for me.
3 and 4 and two of Ms. A and Mr. Officer's blondies. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of Mr. Officer, who was busy manning the grill, and the oldest blondie, who is a smarty-pants 7th grader and was busy doing his homework-for-gifted-brilliant-smart kids.
Oh, and 2. She came later. After my camera batteries had died. But she was there....
What a great Family Night! These are the nights these kids will remember as they journey through their adolescent and teenage lives living next to each other. These are the nights that will unify them when they need each other. These are the nights.
A great neighborhood and great neighbors.
Makes all the difference in life. Doesn't it?

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